Dr. Falk W. Müller

Falk has two dedications: Being an Expert IT Consultant at diconium digital solutions, he has more than twenty years of hands-on online business and e-commerce experience as software engineer, consultant and architect. As both board certified IT lawyer and inhouse lawyer, he counsels clients on IT law topics all over Germany: IT contract design, data privacy, licensing, trademark rights and copyright law. Falk has profound knowledge but is far away from being a pedant - as often booked speaker at conferences, he connects IT and law so that everyone can follow and gives enjoyable talks regardless of how dry a topic may sound.

Dr. Falk W. Müller

Sessions von Dr. Falk W. Müller

40 Minuten Vortrag

17:00-17:40, 26. April

Agile Finance & Controlling


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